Auditions FAQ

Why Fools

More Fools Than Wise is Wash U’s premiere student-run jazz, folk, and chamber ensemble, usually ranging anywhere from 16 to 22 members. In addition to various gigs, each year we put on two full-length concerts (our Fool Harvest in the fall, the April Fools Concert in the spring), with each show consisting of an entirely new repertoire. Fools represents a totally unique slice of a cappella music, ranging from traditional chamber music to modern choral repertoire, to folk music and vocal jazz! You can hear clips of our most recent performances on our YouTube channel and clips from our older performances on our music page. Fools is a family. We love spending time together and have more inside jokes than we can count.


How do auditions work?

More Fools than Wise is a member of the A Cappella Advisory Council (ACAC), and as such, our auditions and callbacks must follow certain guidelines, all designed to make life easier for you. To find out more, make sure to check out the ACAC website and attend the Fall Showcase, “We Sing for Ice Cream”, on Tuesday, September 5th in Graham Chapel an 7:30pm.

What can I expect at my audition?

Each audition takes about 15 minutes. Please plan on getting there 5-10 minutes ahead of time to fill out some super fun forms. Expect that an audition will be close to the following format:

  1. You’ll warm up with a few scales so that we can hear your range
  2. You’ll do some tonal exercises and try your hand at sightreading
  3. We’ll hear you sing your solo (roughly a verse and chorus of a song of your choice)

What kind of solo piece?

We ask you to sing a verse and a chorus (about 30 seconds) of a song of your choice.  But don’t stress out over song choice! We can’t wait to hear whatever you want to sing for us to best show off your voice.

When do I find out if I made it?

If you want to know right away, callbacks will be posted outside Bear’s Den on the morning of September 9th after the first round of auditions.  If you are a callback, you’ll also get an email from us with your callback time.

What about callbacks?

After another set of warm ups, we’ll spend some time getting to know you and introducing you to the group. Then, we’ll teach you a piece from our repertoire, and you’ll get a chance to sing it with a quartet, and maybe even with the whole group! Callbacks give us the opportunity to really hear your voice blending with ours–we want to get a feel for how you might fit in as a member of Fools.

What’s the time commitment?

We rehearse 6 hours a week, like most of the other a cappella groups on campus. Our rehearsal schedule is set at the beginning of each semester, but we always make sure to accommodate the schedules of our new members. You can expect a handful of gigs throughout the semester (especially the fall semester) in addition to our two full length concerts, the Fool Harvest in the fall and the April Fools Concert in the spring. In the weeks preceding those big shows, your life might get taken over by Fools a little bit–in a good way! However, Fools does not have to be your only activity. We’ve had members involved in theatre, crazy pre-med double majors, PAD shows, Diwali, and other activities.

What if I don’t have singing experience?

That’s absolutely fine; neither had some of our current members when they joined. If you love singing, we’d love to hear you audition, no matter what your background is!

I’m nervous, help

Just relax, we’ve all been in your shoes. All of us have gone through this audition before, and know what it feels like. Don’t panic if you mess up, things happen and no one is perfect. Take a deep breath, and, we promise, you got this!


If you have any other questions, you can always shoot an email to our group coordinators at